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The Final Maps

On November 4th, Chair Maylinn Smith cast the deciding vote to move CP 12 forward as the final Congressional map. The Commission will take a final vote on this map on November 9th. ​

The Commission was to have judged these maps based on the criteria and goals they adopted in July 2021. 

Congressional Map Criteria:

The criteria are the standards a map must meet to be adopted.

  • Districts must be as equal in population as is practicable

  • Districts must comply with the Voter Rights Act

  • Each district shall consist of compact territory

  • Each district shall be contiguous, meaning that a district must be in one piece



Congressional Map Goals:

The goals are what the Commission strives for a map to be. The more goals a map meets, the better the map reflects the Commissions intentions.

  • No plan may be drawn to unduly favor a political party.

  • The Commission will minimize dividing cities, towns, counties and federal reservations between two districts when possible.

  • The Commission will try to keep communities of interest intact.

  • The Commission may consider competitiveness of districts when drawing plans. (In conversations since adopting this goal, commissioners have informally identified Cook PVI as an effective measure of competitiveness. A map with a Cook PVI Score within the range of R+/-5 is considered comeptitive. This measurement is available for each of the proposed maps on Dave's Redistricting App.)


We've shortened this language to clarify the criteria & goals. You can find the exact language and legal notations for the critera and goals here.

Previous Finalist Maps

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